Kougari Oval - May 11-14

GAME 1: Met East 26 d Wide Bay 12
SCORERS: Met East: Tries; I Folau 2, B Cronin, L Tanzer, S Cotter; Goals C Sandow 3: Wide Bay: Tries; S Argent, R Zysk; Goals; R Gilbert 2
PLAYER OF THE MATCH: I Folau (Met East)  R Gilbert (Wide Bay)
GAME 2: Met North 34 d President’s XIII 22
SCORERS: Met North: Tries; J Yawyeh 2, J Costello 2, J Samoa, T Waterne-Edwards; Goals; J Costello 3, J Sawoa 2: President’s XII: Tries; M Cummins, T Fisher, A Flores, S Walker; D Cherry-Evans 3 
PLAYER OF MATCH: J Costello (Met North) V Eriksen (President’s XIII)
GAME 3: Peninsula 22 d Darling Downs 12
SCORERS: Peninsula: Tries; M Marama 2, C Coppeus, G Adams; Goals; H Topliss 3: Darling Downs: Tries; A McCullough, L Housen: Goals; T Achilles 2
PLAYER OF THE MATCH: M Marama (Peninsula)  A Mccullough (Darling Downs)
GAME 4:Sunshine Coast 50 d South West 6
SCORERS: Sunshine Coast: Tries; L Campbell 3, J McGuire, A Magee,
D Mitchell, D Cross, A Elemani, M Lennon; Goals; M Lennon 5, D Mitchell 2: South West: Tries; K Brown; Goals; B Brown
PLAYER OF THE MATCH: L Campbell (Sunshine Coast)  T Passman (South West)
GAME 5:South Coast 24 d Capricornia 12
SCORERS: South Coast: Tries;T Iselin (2), R Lui (2), J Fairclough 
Goals; T Iselin (2): Capricornia: Tries; B Hunt, T Marshall; Goals; T Marshall (2)
PLAYER OF THE MATCH: W Matthews (South Coast) B Hunt (Capricornia)
GAME 6: Northern 36 d Metropolitan West 18
SCORERS: Northern: Tries; O Geia, J Huston, A Mitchell, G Santo, A Bell, J Platt; Goals: L. Faagutu (3), A Yagi Metropolitan West: Tries; R Jones, A Seeto, J Vai Vai; Goals: N Carney (3)
PLAYER OF THE MATCH: A Mitchell (Northern) J Vai Vai (Metropolitan West)

GAME 1: Capricornia 50 d Met West 4
SCORERS: Capricornia: Tries; H Stanley 2, B Barba 2, B Walker, B Hunt, A Heisinger, T Iles, M Comerford, T Marshall: Goals; T Marshall 4, B Barba: Met West: Tries; S Martin
PLAYER OF THE MATCH: T Marshall (Capricornia)  M Tupou (Met West)
GAME 2:Wide Bay 38 d South West 0
SCORERS: Wide Bay: Tries; R Zysk 2, N Swan, M Grieve, R Nettle, S Argent, R Gilbert; Goals; R Gilbert 4, M Grieve 1 
PLAYER OF MATCH: N Broadhurst (Wide Bay)  K Brown (South West)
GAME 3: Sunshine Coast 40 d President’s XII 4
SCORERS: Sunshine Coast: Tries; D Hala 2, D Cross, L Campbell, B Jones, T Lister, J Friend: Goals; M Lennon 4, D Mitchell 2: President’s XII: Tries; S Walker
PLAYER OF THE MATCH: J McGuire (Sunshine Coast)  V Silulu (President’s XII)
GAME 4: Met East 50 d Peninsula 6
SCORERS: Met East: Tries; I Folau 2, S Cotter, J Walters, J Aston, B Stewart, J Katipa, A Winterstein, L Makuare; Goals; C Sandow 7: Peninsula; Try: W Jackonia; Goal; T Pearson
PLAYER OF THE MATCH: A Winter (Met East)  T Pearson (Peninsula)
GAME 5:South Coast 26 d Met North 4
SCORERS: South Coast: Tries; K Proctor, M Host, R Lui, J Coyle, J Fairclough: Goals; T Iselin 3: Met North: Try; J Yawyeh
PLAYER OF THE MATCH: R Simpkins (South Coast)  D Lui (Met North)
GAME 6: Northern 38 d Darling Downs 14
SCORERS: Northern: Tries; O Geia 2, T Skipper 2, D Halpin, J Anderson, J Bassini; Goals; L Faagurui 4, O Geia:  Darling Downs: Tries; B Denman, T Ngahe, D Warren; Goals; T Achilles
PLAYER OF THE MATCH: J Platt (Northern)  B Denman (Darling Downs)

GAME 1: Capricornia 70 d South West 0
SCORERS: Capricornia: Tries; M Comerford 3, B Williams 2, B Barba 2, , B Waller, C Gray, H Stanley, A Heisinger, K Mye, G Ford: Goals; T Marshall 9
PLAYER OF THE MATCH:  S Joe (Capricornia)  J Drysdale (South West)
GAME 2: Wide Bay 30 d Met West 24
SCORERS: Wide Bay: Tries; R Gilbert, T Zillman, N Broadhurst, M Grieve, J Kuene; Goals; M Grieve 3, R Gilbert 2: Met West: Tries; M Tupou 2, L Foote, A  Seeto, J Vai Vai; Goals; N Carney 2
PLAYER OF THE MATCH:  T Bargenquast (Wide Bay)  A Seeto (Met West)
GAME 3: Peninsula 20 d President’s XIII 12
SCORERS: Peninsula: Tries; T Pearson 2, J Temu, M Lewandrowski; Goals; T Pearson 2: President’s XIII: M Cummins, V Silulu: Goals; A Stewart, D Cherry-Evans
PLAYER OF THE MATCH: J Temu (Peninsula)  M Cummins (President’s XIII)
GAME 4: Met North 26 d Darling Downs 14
SCORERS: Met North: Tries; J Yawyeh 2, J Bukuga, T Waterne-Edwards, C Bowering; Goals; J Samoa 2, J Costello: Darling Downs: A Cherry, A Grey, D Warren; Goals; T Achilles
PLAYER OF THE MATCH: J Samoa (Met North)  D Warren (Darling Downs)
GAME 5: Met East 22 d Sunshine Coast 12
SCORERS: Met East: Tries; I Folau 2, L Makuare, T Graham; Goals; C Sandow 3: Sunshine Coast: Tries; D Hala, L Campwell; Goals; M Lennon 2
PLAYER OF THE MATCH: J Walters (Met East)  B Jones (Sunshine Coast)
GAME 6: South Coast 10 drew Northern 10
SCORERS: South Coast: Tries; B Thompson, T Iselin; Goals; T Iselin: Northern: B Henaway; A Yagi; Goals L Faagutu
PLAYER OF THE MATCH: W Matthews (South Coast) A Yagi (Northern)

GAME 1: Met West 16 d South West 8
SCORERS: Met West: Tries; J Vai Vai 2, S Martin, B Williams: South West: Tries; J Drysdale, J Ferguson
PLAYER OF THE MATCH:  J Vai Vai (Met West)  B Brown (South West)
GAME 2: Capricornia 42 d Wide Bay 10
SCORERS: Capricornia: Tries; T Marshall 3, B Barba 2, B Ridge, B Hunt, H Stanley; Goals; T Marshall 4, B Williams: Wide Bay: Tries; B Rogers, J McCrea; Goals; M Grieve
PLAYER OF THE MATCH: B Barba (Capricornia)  J McCrae (Wide Bay)
GAME 3: President’s XIII 34 d Darling Downs 16
SCORERS: President’s XIII: Tries; V Silulu 2, A Flores, S Walker, T Fisher, S Walker, M Cummins; Goals; V Eriksen 3: Darling Downs: Tries; T Achilles, C Mc Kellar, M Transton, A Grey
PLAYER OF THE MATCH: S Walker  (President’s XIII)  A Cherry (Darling Downs)
GAME 4: Peninsula 32 d Met North 22
SCORERS: Peninsula: Tries; T Rea 2, N Slyney, G Adams, T Pearson; Goals; T Pearson 5: Met North: Tries; J Costello 3, C Maltby-Thomas; Goals; J Samoa 3
PLAYER OF THE MATCH: T Rea (Peninsula)  J Bukuya (Met North)
GAME 5: Sunshine Coast 30 d Northern 26
SCORERS: Sunshine Coast: Tries; M McGrady, J Maketo, J Friend,
S Hadjusofovic, J Romato, D Cross; Goals; D Mitchell 2, M Lennon: Northern: Tries; D Haplin 2, O Gela, A Mitchell, A Yagi; Goals; L Faagutu 3
PLAYERS OF THE MATCH: S Hadjusofovic (Sunshine Coast)  G Santo (Northern)
GAME 6: South Coast 18 d Met East 16
SCORERS: South Coast: Tries; K Proctor 2, B Thompson, D Harth: Goals; T Iselin: Met East: Tries; B Cronin, L Tanzer, TJ Graham; Goals; C Sandow 2
PLAYER OF THE MATCH:  K Proctor (South Coast)  C Sandow ( Met East)

PLAYER OF THE CARNIVAL:Israel Folau (Met East)

Met East
Sunshine Coast
Met North
President’s XIII
Darling Downs                                           
Capricornia (Winners Consolation Cup)
Wide Bay
Met West
South West