U17 Squads

The U17 Teams for the Interdivisional Carnival at Toowoomba - regular FOGS Colts Challenge in Orange:

1. Jeffrey Accoom  2. Anselam Tabua  3. Matthew Schulze  4. Kelly Bowmaker  5. Cooper Nobbs  6. Thomas Iles  7. Nathan Lawton  8. Steven Johnston  9. Chris Moir  10. William Munns  11. Brent Williams  12. Travis Marshall  13. James Munns  14. George Jarrett  15. Matt Hughes  16. Kieran Wilson  17. Bryce Knight  18. William Neal  19. Anthony O’Dell.  Coach: Jeff Newsome. Manager: David Kerrigan. Trainer: Tony Frisby.

1. Ben Barba  2. Willis Grant 3. Ryan Whitehouse  4. Sam Bann  5. Daniel Fogarty  6. Travis Waddell  7. Daly Cherry-Evans  8. Sean Munns  9. Anthony Mitchell  10. Johannes Diecke  11. Kadin Mye  12. Tyson Martin  13. Joel Lillyman  14. Merv O’Flanagan  15. Joel Martin  16. Matt Martell  17. Adam Shaw  18. Josh Brett  19. Hayden Topliss.  Coach: Wayne Cheeseman. Manager: David Stevens. Trainers: Brett Sartor, Charles Fisher, Paul Herron.

1. Galu Te’o  2. Matt Lennon  3. Jacob Samoa  4. Israel Folau (Norths)  5. Michael Cummins  6. Luke Capewell (Norths)  7. Chris Sandow (Souths Logan)  8. David Hala (Redcliffe)  9. Joel Romelo (Redcliffe)  10. Clarence Tuisamoa  11. Dashae Francis  12. Arana "AJ" Taumata  13. Asher Elemani (Redcliffe)  14. Togumau Euese  15. Fred Tila  16. Gerard Tibbetts  17. Ben Cronin (Wynnum Manly)  18. Shaun Cotter (Wynnum Manly)  19. Dwayne Rigby (Easts).  Coach: Paul White. Manager: Peter Ryan. Trainer: Gary St Ledger.

1. Dylan Landon  2. Steve Poulson  3. Jordan Rapana  4. Kevin Pease  5. Shane Gibson  6. Richard Kingi  7. Alex Dibley (Burleigh)  8. Dylan Roberts  9. Brent Felthouse  10. Matt Harding  11. Ben Thomas (Burleigh) 12. Kevin Proctor  13. Dain Barr  14. Brad De Paul  15. Sam Lutzke  16. Blayze Gonzales  17. Brett Thomas  18. Sean Spring  19. Casey Mayfield.

1. Zac Pauli  2. Matt Small  3. David Dingwall  4. Rohan Lloyd  5. Matthew Hawkins  6. Shannon Duroux  7. Ben Loxley  8. Emanuel Thornley  9. Andrew Farrell  10. Bryce Denman  11. Joshua Land  12. Brenton Lund  13. Andrew Gray  14. Simon Kurtz  15. Trent Achilles  16. Matt Transton  17. Mitchell Cant  18. Aaron Cherry  19. Max Thornley.  Coach: Carlo Napolitano. Manager: Greg Franklin, Chris Franklin. Trainers: Scott Schultz, Roy Nott.

1. Kurt Thompson  2. Dale Mitchell  3. Sam Grant (Sunshine Coast)  4. Jason Grant  5. Troy Lister (Sunshine Coast)  6. Ryan Gilbert  7. Nathan Broadhurst  8. Jake Sheehan (Sunshine Coast)  9. Tyson Bargenquast  10. Zac Henrickson (Sunshine Coast) 11. Matthew Dent  12. Billy Rogers  13. Matt Grieve  14. Joel MacRae  15. Ben Wolstencraft  16. Troy Mendham  17. Nicholas Swan  18. Martin Cordwell (Sunshine Coast) 19. David Milles.  Coach: Michael Templeman. Manager: Shane Beatson. First Aid: Gary Bingham, Peter Dunn. Trainer: Michael Brown

Wynnum showed they will be a force to be reckoned with in the FOGS Challenge with a 40-12 trial win over Aspley today. Admittedly Aspley were below strength and the game was a scrappy affair played in oppressive conditions, but the Wynnum side showed some flashes of brilliance in attack and were resolute in defence. U18 players Matt Smith and Luke Mehninnit shone for the winners between them scoring 18 points in the first half to set up a 22-0 lead to the home side at the break.  Converted tries to Alex Tallon and Steven Johnston brought the visitors back within 10 points early in the second half, but that would be as close as they would get, with Wynnum running away to win 40-12. U18 Players from last year's Brissie U17 comp on display were Alex T, Struddy, AJ and Vaughan Eriksen for Aspley, along with Scott Millar from Wide Bay, and Matt Smith and Mitchell Muir for Wynnum , along with Nathan Beckett  (WB) and Luke Menhinnit (Twba). Incidenttaly Jacob Fauid had a very good game in a losing side in the Qld Cup trial held this evening. Scorers: Wynnum 40 (M.Smith 2, B.Cronin, M.Aitkin, L.Menhinnit, C.McQueen, W.Jensen, R.Congoo tries, Menhinnit 4 goals) def Aspley 12 (A.Tallon, S.Johnston tries, Tallon 2 goals).
In other games Wests defeated a Norths side which did not play any of its storm contracted players 24-22, and Easts defeated Souths-Logan - score tba.