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RESULTS - Day 2 - Sunday 30 April
Under 19:
CENTRAL 30  (Yorem Major 2, Brendan Gibb 2, Daniel Robert, Chris Jamieson tries;Yoren Major 3 goals) def NORTHERN 26 (Brendan Boor 2, Brady Payne, Todd Seymour, Simor Sorbello tries;Chris Riesen 3 goals) M.o.M: Brendan GIBB (Central)
Stats: Pen: Central 7-3; Scrums: Northern 10-9; Errors: Central 11-9; Handovers 0-0; MIssed Tackles: Central 22-21; Line Breaks: Northern 5-4; Kicks Gen'l play: Central 11-6; Dropouts Northern 1-0; 40/20s: Northern 1-0; Completions: Central 18/31, Northern 15/28; Tackles in Possession: Central 100-76; T.I.P. Opp'n Half: Central 51-29; T.I.P Opp'n 20: Central 21-14
WIDE BAY 10 (Paul Ivan, Trent Zillman tries;Brodie Oxenham  goal) def SOUTH WEST 6 (Josh Phelps try;Brogan Gibson goal) M.o.M: Steve McPHEE (WB)
Stats: Pen: WB 7-3; Scrums: SW 13-10; Errors: 14-14; Handovers WB 1-0; MIssed Tackles: 17-17; Line Breaks: WB 4-2; Kicks Gen'l play: SW 12-10; Dropouts 0-0; 40/20s: WB 1-0; Completions: SW 13/29, WB 20/37; Tackles in Possession: WB 128-85; T.I.P. Opp'n Half: SW 56-53; T.I.P Opp'n 20: SW 17-16
SOUTH EAST 34 (Shane Neumann 2, Aiden Guerra 2, Jackson Nicolau, Bruce Kolio tries; Jackson Nicolau 5 goals) def SOUTHERN 0 M.o.M: Kieron LANDER (SE)
Stats: Pen: SE 7-5; Scrums: SE 10-8; Errors: 11-11; Handovers: SE 1-0; MIssed Tackles: Southern 18-6; Line Breaks: SE 7-1; Kicks Gen'l play: Southern 9-7; Dropouts 1-1; 40/20s: 0-0; Completions: SE 23/36, Southern 13/23; Tackles in Possession: SE 115-77; T.I.P. Opp'n Half: SE 71-27; T.I.P Opp'n 20: SE 33-9
Under 17:
WIDE BAY 24 (Kurt Thompson, Billy Rogers, Matt Greive, Nicholas Swan, David Milles tries; Ryan Gilbert 2 goals) def SOUTH WEST 20 (Zac Pauli, Matthew Hawkins, Andrew Gray, Emanual Thornley  tries; Ben Loxley 2 goals) M.o.M: Tyson BARGENQUEST (WB)
NORTHERN 34 (Anthony Mitchell 2, Ben Barba, Ryan Whitehouse, Daly Cherry Evans, Adam Shaw    tries; Daly Cherry Evans 5 goals) def CENTRAL 12  (Anselan Tabua, Cooper Nobbs tries; Travis Marshall 2 goals) M.o.M: Daly CHERRY-EVANS (Northern)
SOUTH EAST 50 (Luke Capewell 4, Galu Teo, Matt Lennon, Jacob Somoa, Chris Sandow, David Hala, Togamau Euese  tries; Matt Lennon 5  goals) def SOUTHERN 0 M.o.M: Joel ROMELO (SE)
Stats: Pen: Southern 6-5; Scrums: Southern 13-8; Errors: SE 12-10; Handovers: SE 2-0; MIssed Tackles: Southern 26-12; Line Breaks: SE 7-1; Kicks Gen'l play: Southern 5-4; Dropouts 0-0; 40/20s: 0-0; Completions: SE 18/32, Southern 12/24; Tackles in Possession: SE 107-75; T.I.P. Opp'n Half: SE 55-33; T.I.P Opp'n 20: SE 20-15

RESULTS - Day 1 - Saturday 29 April
Under 19:
SOUTH WEST 34  (Brogan Gibson 2, Liam Capewell 2, Jamie Patikura, Brendan Wilson, Cohen Haines    tries;Brogan Gibson 2 goals) def CENTRAL 26 (Damiel Roberts 3, Malcolm Darkin, Yoren Major tries;Yoren Mayor 3 goals) M.o.M: Liam CAPEWELL (SW)
WIDE BAY 22 (Victor Davis, Paul Ivan, Harvey Warner, Ben Whiddon  tries; Brodie Oxenham 3goals) def SOUTHERN 18 (Martin Paulson 2, Matt Parata  tries; Martin Paulson 3 goals) M.o.M: Marty PAULSON (Southern)
SOUTH EAST 50 (David Tyrrell 3, Jackson Nicolau 2, Simona Vavega, Keiron Lander, Alex Tallon, Jason Poppi tries; Jackson Nicolau 7 goals) def NORTHERN 10 (Michael Achilles, Darren Griffiths tries; Chris Riesen goal). M.o.M: Jackson NICOLAU (SE)
Stats: Pen: Northern 6-2; Scrums: Northern 5-4; Errors: South-East 8-3; Handovers South-East 2-1; MIssed Tackles: Northern 26-16; Line Breaks: South-East 8-3; Kicks Gen'l play: Northern 8-4; Dropouts Northern 1-0; Completions: South-East 16/26, Northern 15/20; Tackles in Possession: South-East 96-75; T.I.P. Opp'n Half: Northern 43-30; T.I.P Opp'n 20: Northern 27-9
Under 17:
CENTRAL 28 (Thomas Iles, Matthew Schulze, Anselan Tabua, Travis Marshall, James Munns   tries;Travis Marshall 4 goals) def SOUTH WEST 22 (Ben Loxley, Zac Pauli, Joshua Land, Andrew Gray tries;Ben Loxley 3 goals) M.o.M: Travis MARSHALL (C)
WIDE BAY 38 (Nathan Broadhurst 2, Matt Grieve 2, Jake Sheehan, Billy Rogers, Tyson Bargenquast tries; Ryan Gilbert 4, Dale Mitchell  goals) def SOUTHERN 18 (Dylan Landon, Shane Gibson, Kevin Proctor, Sam Lutzke tries; Dylan Landon goal) M.o.M: Ryan GILBERT (WB)
SOUTH EAST 66 (Israel Folau 3, Arana Taumata 3, Michael Cummins 2, Like Capewell, Chris Sandow, Asher Elemani, Shaun Cotter tries;Matt Lennon 9 goals)def NORTHERN 18 (Daly Cherry Evans, Anthony Mitchell, Adam Shaw  tries; Daly Cherry Evans 3  goals) M.o.M: Israel FOLAU (SE)

Wynnum showed they will be a force to be reckoned with in the FOGS Challenge with a 40-12 trial win over Aspley today. Admittedly Aspley were below strength and the game was a scrappy affair played in oppressive conditions, but the Wynnum side showed some flashes of brilliance in attack and were resolute in defence. U18 players Matt Smith and Luke Mehninnit shone for the winners between them scoring 18 points in the first half to set up a 22-0 lead to the home side at the break.  Converted tries to Alex Tallon and Steven Johnston brought the visitors back within 10 points early in the second half, but that would be as close as they would get, with Wynnum running away to win 40-12. U18 Players from last year's Brissie U17 comp on display were Alex T, Struddy, AJ and Vaughan Eriksen for Aspley, along with Scott Millar from Wide Bay, and Matt Smith and Mitchell Muir for Wynnum , along with Nathan Beckett  (WB) and Luke Menhinnit (Twba). Incidenttaly Jacob Fauid had a very good game in a losing side in the Qld Cup trial held this evening. Scorers: Wynnum 40 (M.Smith 2, B.Cronin, M.Aitkin, L.Menhinnit, C.McQueen, W.Jensen, R.Congoo tries, Menhinnit 4 goals) def Aspley 12 (A.Tallon, S.Johnston tries, Tallon 2 goals).
In other games Wests defeated a Norths side which did not play any of its storm contracted players 24-22, and Easts defeated Souths-Logan - score tba.